Dear Friend: The Close of a Chapter
Dear Friend,

As a chapter closes, another starts.

This could be the loss of a loved one, changing careers or leaving a relationship. All are hard, and many bring tears with them. This doesn't have to the end of the story though, it can just be the close of a chapter in life. 

You realize how much time, effort and love you have put into that previous part of your life, and it leaves a hole in your heart. Even when its the best decision, it still stings. 

Take some time to allow yourself to grieve, it takes strength to let go and feel the loss. Let yourself cry, scream against the injustice of it all. You did everything you could, you were strong when it counted.

Remind yourself that you had good times too, and the close of a chapter isn't the end of the story. Celebrate your story my friend, celebrate your life.