If you are unhappy with me for the type of language I use to speak out about the oppression I experience among Friends, or for naming those specific Friends who have abused my Friendship, you need to read this article (Link below) on "Tone Policing."

If you have asked yourself why I don't just leave the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and stop bothering y'all, due to the racist treatment I have recieved, you are part of the problem too, and you need to read the next article "Where Spiritual Bypassing Meets Racism Meets Gaslighting".

Because, you clearly do not fully understand what a call to ministry is about.  You also do not understand what faithfulness is.  Just because you can quit undoing your racism when the going gets too rough for you, does not mean that I can or am willing to, as a person of color.  As a victim of the racist crime against humanity, called white supremacy, I have much more at stake in this fight than you do, and quitting is only for the privileged, or those who continue to benefit from the status quo. 

By observing your pernicious silences and your lack of response to the personal concerns I have lifted up, it has become very clear to me that you do not comprehend the spiritual import of your deaf, dumb and blind attitude toward a clear spiritual challenge.  Yes, the personal is indeed political, especially when white supremacy is operating.  Yes, in a white supremacist colonial settler state, which the US most certainly is, it is ALWAYS operating. 

You show your moral cowardice each and every time I speak about the racist abuse I experience among you, and act as if you are innocent.  By doing nothing and saying nothing at all, you allow the abuse to continue.  You normalize racial abuse with your silence and your inaction. 

News Flash: There are no innocent white settlers in Amerikkka.  No matter how or when your people arrived here.  ALL white people benefit from white supremacy.  Period.  The concept that it could possibly be otherwise, in your particular case, only exists in your defensive imagination.  Get over it. 

To show a good faith effort toward combating racism, you must be able to do three very important things.

First, open your mind and heart to the TRUTH of it.  No matter how much you think it hurts you, your hurt is NOTHING compared to mine.  

Second, STOP victim blaming, tokenizing and scapegoating people of color.  That's disgusting.  You cannot rightfully call yourself an anti-racist if you keep doing racist things.

Third, take RESPONSIBILITY for doing the right thing.  (But don't assume you know what the right thing is, without guidance from those most affected.)  STOP hiding behind your denial that what you allow to happen to me (A Native elder in your midst) is somehow not your concern.  Stop telling yourself that I somehow brought this racist abuse upon myself.  That is racially abusive.  Stop trippin.  

You might as well criticize a victim of sexual violence for continuing to step outside the house alone or wearing whatever they wear, instead of providing care and comfort, as you know you should.  If you think you are an anti-racist, you should be standing up to the perpetrators so they can cause no more harm.  But, you are clearly not ready for that yet.  You cannot even agree that they're behaviour is a problem, apparently. 

Even when the stories I've been telling you are about outrageous violations of my humanity and a travesty of your Quaker principles, you remain silent!?  My stories are true, and they come from my real experience as a Friend of color.  If I get no response, I wonder if you believe me.  It also looks to me like you have no compassion for a fellow human being, simply because my truth is too much for your fragile and defensive sense of self. 

Look at yourselves! At the same time you are organizing to protest the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, saving the Earth from corporate interests, mourning the Quaker involvement in Indian boarding schools, and trying to be more welcoming to people of color in Quaker spaces, you are not welcoming Sharon "Star" Smith? Really!?

I must ask, what ELSE is God calling you to look at and address within yourself, your own families and communities? PLEASE get your minds up out of the abyss of denial, justification and judgment, which you are clearly not qualified to make, due to your obvious conflicting interest in white settler colonialism, oppression and privilege. 

That's my rant for today.  Please do sit with it, as Quakers are supposed to do. And STOP pretending God could not possibly speak to you through me. 

Biwa! (Thank you!)




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