Dear John by Jack Heart


First of all, what I did not learn about writing from my Jewish friends on Open Salon I learned from reading John Kaminski and it was John’s passionate prose that inspired me to write, more so than their strict adherence to preconceived notions and tried and true formats. Having said that, I have problems with what is in this essay, far bigger problems than the hundred plus year old question of whether we can blame it all on the Jew. Below is his piece in its entirety, with the parts in question highlighted in bold by me and my answers to those questions in bold italics below the essay.  - Jack

What was it that you 

thought you knew?

Is what you believe just another

distraction from the actual truth?

. . . making people destroy their past automatically

has the same effect on their future!

By John Kaminski

[email protected]

When many of our leaders are actively working toward open borders and the end of the American republic, where does your faith in your country take you now?  The decision of most poor people is to go along with the crowd and accept whatever benefits are offered. This choice totally ignores the long range planning of working and saving and building a future. Such a healthy path does not seem possible to most people anymore, because all the structures aimed at social satisfaction seem like such a shambles now.

The new American dynamic brought to us by our liberal Democratic Party simpletons is to get as much as you can as fast as you can by any means possible that will at least keep you out of jail if you get caught. But when the President’s lawyer gets busted for lying and swindling, you know this irresponsible untrustworthy discourse has reached the highest levels in our country. More importantly, as kids watch this behavior they think that this is the way life is supposed to be. RM

My mind keeps slipping out of gear, back into neutral where nothing may be considered. I think it’s a result of too many subjects, all of them profoundly dangerous, all of them seemingly immune to corrective action because they are all orchestrated by a higher power — only this power is anything but heavenly.

This power is largely invisible to most ordinary people. They perceive it as constantly increasing aggressions from an unknowable monolith called the government and it extends out into the commercial world, especially pharmaceuticals, where pills that cost less than a dollar to produce wind up being to sold to patients who need them for more than a thousand dollars per pill.

The Jewish philosophy that it’s OK to swindle other people has taken over the U.S. and ruined the republic. The moral forces that could have corrected this crisis have been castrated by the profitable fetishization of human weaknesses.

The fix is in and it’s kosher

So where do we get guidance? What do we need to do to stop our slide into semi conscious stupidity?

Most of your opinions about everything are wrong because they have been given you by Jewish media to deliberately mislead you. From the assassination of President William McKinley in 1900 to the murder of Seth Rich on a Washington street in 2016, the hidden hand of Jewish finance has been behind the transmogrification of the American republic into a collection of babbling lunatics all unable to address the major cause of our distress. Through television, opioids, corrupt politicians and media outlets owned by criminals, we are convincingly discouraged and distracted from identifying this overarching threat to our well being.

Before we complete suffocate as a society, we need to fully understand the impact of Jewish influence on each of our lives.

As we see our country disintegrate before our eyes, we abdicate our responsibility by putting our trust in flawed organizations run by disingenuous people and letting them ruin our future.

Drenched in the endless waterfall of meaningless ideas we are unable to connect to objective reality. We are lost in the fog of propaganda.

We may not solve any of our problems as long as the people now in charge remain in charge. The real question then becomes: Are any of us immune to bribery beyond our wildest dreams? Can anybody reading this today ignore the threat against your children’s lives and continue to pursue the truth? How many of these choices have resulted in now long forgotten corpses found by the side of the road, or in a dumpster?

It’s best to leave it all alone, you reason, ignoring the metamorphosis of the reality you used to know into something that you can’t understand without having someone explain to you what it means. Take your cues from the misleading analyses of commentators trying to convince you that feeble minded politicians are actually intelligent.

And then, there are these magical subjects that get us to take our eyes off the ball.

The riveting realms of propaganda

There are things we wish were true that become true with enough concentration and practice, at least in our own minds.

To meet this need, there are things invented every day designed to fulfill wishes and make profits for those who invent them.

History is one such product. Living forever in the paradise of our dreams is another.

The fabled republic of Grand Tartaria sweeps across the metaphysical YouTube landscape with a whole new way of seeing the past that kindles the promise of a more fulfilling world, fueled by the etheric bliss of a technology that has been lost to history and dates back to the true purpose of the pyramids.

Flat Earth Fever has captured the minds of some of the brightest people on the planet with irrefutable evidence that the Earth must be flat and the incomprehensible heaps of details that comprise our supposedly known reality are just memetic reproductions manufactured by some force to deceive us into thinking the world is actually round. In fact, whether the Earth is flat or round, the enemy remains the same.

Most astounding of all, though, is the work of Anatoly Fomenko, a Russian thinker who believes everything dated before 1600 AD is inauthentic, because no written works could possibly have survived the passage from Greece and Rome to the invention of the printing press in 1440 AD. Everything perforce had to be made up by the supposed transcribers who were really the writers of all the classics. The abnegates everything from ancient history, as it is all fictional conjecture by medieval scribes, according to Fomenko and his team of Russian scholars.

If true, its impact on the world’s religious tomes would be catastrophic, and I would predict the mass insanity it would engender would cause social paroxysms around the world.

Now, I’ve always known that the mainstream version of history needs to be corrected, insofar as that is possible. However, after spending a lifetime with that objective, I discover that this necessity conceals a real danger— to delegitimize ancient history is to open the door to the imposition of a new historical recounting, which in fact is happening today since the Jews took practically total control of the world’s media apparatus sometime during the early 20th century.

You get a glimpse of twisting of history in the tearing down of all these Confederate statues, part of the Jewish plan to erase history they don’t like and replace it with facts and attitudes that they do endorse. In doing so, they forget that making people destroy their past automatically has the same effect on their future! Perhaps that is the point of their efforts.

So there has absolutely been no progress made in avoiding future wars. Thanks to a totally corrupt media spectrum the population is convinced the U.S. military is reacting to situations overseas when in reality these things are always created by the U.S. and then blamed on the victims. We see the latest iteration of this now happening in Venezuela.

Undiscussed critical facts

We have more important subjects to address if we plan on surviving.

First, is the slaughter of white farmers in South Africa by the insane black government that has taken over the country merely a blueprint for what is happening in Europe and what is about to happen in America? We shouldn’t have to ask why former president Obama there visited there to approve of what they’re doing, should we?

Second, there is the matter of the Jewish takeover of reality which all those people who continue to watch television, go to the movies and read The New York Times remain unable to comprehend. This devolves into 2A Jewish control of American law enforcement and 2B what sociopathic monsters our children are being turned into by deliberately perverted elementary school curricula.

Third would be the medieval medical advice given out by all mainstream doctors administering poisoned vaccinations. They invariably insist there is a pill, a shot or an operation ready to fix your every problem, and if you don’t have a problem, they will find you one. This is how your children are being turned into retarded and infertile robots.

Other distractions

Back in the 1950s it was all kinds of extraterrestrial groups that deflected people away from political discourse.

Today there are all matter of political distractions such as Q, NESARA, Benjamin Fulford, Alex Jones, et al to lure you away from the central issue you should be most aware of, and where you should be focusing your attention if you have any desire to maintain the few freedoms you have left, and maybe even regain some old ones that were taken from you long ago.

Until we prove to ourselves that we are a morally responsible species capable of taking our place in an evolved community of nations, planets and species . . . this is something we have emphatically not achieved! And until we have, we are a blind menace to everyone and everything, and most especially to ourselves.

Moral irresponsibility is sweeping the planet. The Jews have taught everyone that this is the way to success — it’s the worship of the bottom line, which is in the process of destroying all life on this planet. But if the Jews have their way they will replace it with creations of their own, and you can imagine what they’ll be like; they’ll be just like Jews, overbearing, duplicitous, merciless.

Their wars, always fought by someone else, will continue indefinitely — until there are no more Jews, or no more goyim who are now so ruthlessly targeted for elimination. Read the Jews’ holy scriptures and you will be forced to conclude that there are no honorable Jews, only sociopaths and swindlers masquerading as normal human beings.

NOTE TO READERS: I never wrote any of these stories for money. Perhaps that is why I don’t have any. This result is triggering the crumbling of my support systems, such as inability to pay website rent especially. I’ve agonized over whether to ask for further contributions given my scant production these past two years, and especially due to the growing group of researchers and websites who tirelessly year after year insist on speaking the unvarnished truth, and like me, are mostly ignored by the public, which remains secure in its belief that if they read the newspapers and watch TV they know what’s going on. Lots of people more productive than I have stopped pulling punches and raised the level of consciousness about the Jewish savaging of the world. I’m glad to have been a part of that invisible team of people who insist on the truth battling those who are paid very well to lie. These people still control the world, and their plans for us are worse than negative. I have to wonder if anyone has zeroed in on the target as clearly as I have. Thank you for any support you may be able to render...


There is no "we" John, there’s only Us and Them as Pink Floyd prophesized 

The average Man or Woman in the street has been taken out by MK Ultra. They are no longer a factor if they ever were. There will be no populist revolt against the machine. Look around, they just pawned off an Airsoft Close Combat advertisement as a terrorist attack in New Zealand:

Christ, the guy is flashing the sign language for Bullshit (look it up) with his hand while he’s being “arrested” and they think it’s the “devils 666...” They are of no use to anyone, most of all themselves. They are born slaves, what is known in Sanskrit, a language unpolluted by the Abrahamic idiocy of egalitarianism, as a Śūdra. They only want to be safe and if we can’t give them that, which we certainly have not, we have failed them and have not lived up to our own obligations as their priests and warriors and are not worthy of anything more than they are; eternal bondage... 

They have learned to control the bacteria and since the average hundred and fifty four pound man consists of 39 trillion bacteria cells and 30 trillion human cells and a Śūdra has no higher soul to speak of, they can be adjusted in the same manner as an old stereo system. Now that’s what I call democracy in action! But make no mistake about it; this is simply a technological advancement in a process that has been in place for a thousand years. They have always lied, lied about who you are, lied about who they are and most of all lied about who we once all were. 

A quarter century before President William McKinley was assassinated, in Thus Spake Zarathustra, a man named Fredrich Nietzsche lamented the invention of the printing press, because that only made it easier for them to lie to the ignorant masses. I believe he said something the English equivalent would be: "They vomit up their bile and call it newspapers!" There never was any “republic” in America, whatever the fuck that is. What happened in the late eighteenth century is a handful of aristocrats, our proverbial they, slavers and exploiters of both Africans and Europeans, as opposed to Americas indigenous inhabitants whom they just outright murdered because they still remembered who they were, got tired of paying tribute to the empire and instigated their slaves to revolt against the crown. They won the war. They then paid their slaves back by rewarding them with a bunch of tired old platitudes they put in writing, which they borrowed from a Rome and Greece of their own invention.  

Always there was crushing poverty and appalling hopelessness. Have you never seen Gangs of New York? That is taken from a true account of what it was really like in Americas post revolution cities. Another realistic account is given in Steven Cranes novella; Maggie: A Girl of the Streets. It was even worse in rural areas where you could be killed over a loaf of bread or a good location for a still. You have heard of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, haven’t you? Please don’t wrap yourself in an American flag, besides being garish attire, it’s a Jewish Qabalistic symbol. Not that they are Jewish themselves but they have appointed the Jews to be your masters. Did you not hear Barbara Bush, heiress of Aleister Crowley the High Priest's bloodline, when she told you they cannot trouble their “beautiful minds” with revolting little details like your lives? That’s Schlomo’s job, he’s always been enamored with inflicting pain since the days when his tribe was called the Pechenegs, who fed their own children they deemed too smart for the good of the tribe to starving dogs in a pit. The Pechenegs were feared by all four empires back then, until ConstantineVII,” Porphyrogennetos arranged a truce and gave him the job most suited to his talents for sadism; your keeper... 

Again, I cannot emphasize enough the folly of this "we" word. The people that are in charge are in charge and will remain in charge because those who have the weapons to challenge them fail to do so. As Jim Morrison once said, no one here gets out alive. This is not a fight either the winner or the loser is going to walk away from and those that sit on the fence watching know that. They are not going pull the temple down upon themselves for some fat housewife in Peoria or some drunken redneck in Lubbock, both with room temperature IQ’s and the virtues of an unwashed pig. Those who seek to instigate this fight, like John and myself, have no business expecting them to either. There is no "we", there is only Us and Them and it’s long past time for a changing of the gods... 

There are monuments and edifices all over the world that stand in irrefutable mute testimony to this etheric technology that John seems to be dismissing as a fable. Russia is pockmarked with them; the pyramids are just the tip of the iceberg and now with the advent of the internet it is impossible for organizations like National Geographic and the Smithsonian both dedicated to propagating the empires lies to hide them. It is academia, led by these vile liars, that is spinning the untenable fables. Some, the most important ones or should I say the most debilitating ones were exposed by Orage and myself one by one in our Shadow of Nemesis series some of which was published in Nexus Magazine and cost Zahi Hawass, a professional huckster posing as a scholar, his job. The fact that even the Śūdra, feeble minded as they are, are speculating as to what these edifices and monuments really are is one of the few encouraging signs of life in the collective intellect of the human race. 

The world is neither flat nor round it is a hologram that is far better represented by the Toroidal fractals first postulated by Bell scientists, real scientists that actually get things done  like Arthur Young inventor of the Bell helicopter that revolutionized warfare, than the imaginary spheres pedaled by conmen like Carl Sagan and Hollywood actors like Morgan Freeman. The Flat earth movement has provided the human race with a much needed platform to examine this pseudo science called astronomy, to quote Pink Floyd again “Astronomy Deuteronomy...” Those in charge just love circles, round and round you go, never getting anywhere, like the denizens of a circular aquarium, the type necessary to keep certain pelagic fish like sharks alive. 

The human race cannot even identify its Śūdra anymore and assign them to the appropriate task as was easily done in days of yore. Men are taught that no matter how brave or strong or smart they are they are only equal to the dumbest most cowardly weakling standing next to them with their hand out. It is okay to be “sensitive” and run away from a fight. Women are taught that they are oppressed when the truth is the West is a matriarchy disguised as a patriarchy. Women don’t even have to work or fight in wars. It’s not just the Śūdra that are too stupid to notice the three hundred foot plus statue of the Goddess in the harbor of the West’s greatest city. Einstein who was naught but a Jewish circus clown with a talent for plagiarism is presented to children as some kind of messianic genius from the time that they are old enough to walk. There are no atomic particles, no one’s ever seen an atom and there is no fixed reality as Heisenberg proved almost a hundred years ago. That’s what Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle means, nothing is determinate. There are no laws of physics that must occur there are only probabilities. Einstein never created anything but illegitimate children it is the work of another Jew, a Jewish “Nazi,” named Jon von Neumann that is the foundation of modern technology. His heir and intellectual successor Jesuit trained Hugh Everett III wrote one paper proving the wave function is perpetual and only breaks down in the mind of the observer then everything he said and did after that was sequestered in the deepest darkest vaults of the elite. Erwin Schrödinger the discoverer of the wave function, and therefore modern physics as the world knows it today, refused to even discuss nuclear power because he knew it didn’t exist. From the day they leave their mother’s womb children are trained to be a Śūdra and only the pasty faced inbreed children of the most elite of the elite, like the Skull and Bones men at Yale, ever escape this fate. 

The catalyst for this chicken farm called earth is an “ancient history” that never happened; a Roman Empire that only existed in the propagandist movies of Hollywood snake oil salesman like Cecil B DeMille. The thundering chariots and glittering armor were in reality a handful of intrepid men and woman bedecked in animal skins and carrying weapons forged in the fires of beings the Śūdra don’t believe in, men and woman who laughed at death and would not shirk from a fight with the gods themselves. Only in the “legends” of the Norse is their story still available but instead children are taught the lies of the Jews which begin with the bible or as John calls it “the Jews’ holy scriptures,” which as he says are utterly devoid of human virtue.

Russian scholarship has opened up the first holes in this Jewish mercenary narrative, holes that have been a thousand years in coming. The Russians have cast down the gauntlet for the entire human race and there is nothing more important , I repeat, nothing more important than for those very few who know how to use words as spells to pick that gauntlet up and open those holes into the gapping maw of freedom.  

It is said that Mayer Amschel Rothschild , the poster child for every Jew who believes the Stairway to Heaven is built upon a pile of shekels, once said “Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.” Now I do not know if Rothschild was foolish enough to have ever said something so absurd but to that I answer; give me a suitable podium and a small cadre of writers of the caliber of John Kaminski and I will make you and your whole family, your dog and your goldfish included, outlaws to be hunted down and exterminated like the mad dogs you are... -Jack

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