Dear new patron! Here's how to do things!
First of all, I like to proudly announce that the number of my patrons has broken the magical barrier: It has TWO digits now! YAY! The Synthesaurus now has exactly TEN more patrons than he ever expected to have! :)

"Well, I just subscribed to Synthesaurus. Now what?"

That seems to be a common problem to new subscribers, and considering the totally messed-up, practically non-existing user-guidance of Patreon, the confusion is more than understandable.  Seriously: I've been dealing with analysing the usability of websites the last 7 years,  so it comes from a guy who is kind of a pro in that area: The user guidance concept of was, and still is, done by complete morons.

But nevermind that for now. Here's what you do if you just became a patron, and want the Synthesaurus to help you with stuff. Two options:

- Post your request on the Community page. I will try to respond to every request posted there. Also, others can join the dialogue, so chances are greater you get help, because maybe others can answer your question, too. And: Others can benefit from the information exchange (so I don't have to answer the same question over and over again).

- If you do not want your request to be public, send me a private message, which here on Patreon is called "Notifications". I think. See, that's what I mean! We are ALL USED to the term "private message"! But nooo, patreon has to call that "Notifications"! It's f*ckn* b*llsh*t!!!

Anyways. Thank you for subscribing, and if you didn't, thank you for visiting! :)

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