Dear patrons, please read and sign this to defend sex workers' rights on Patreon.
Please help protect the community on Patreon, free speech, and human rights.

Patreon has begun its descent on a slippery slope familiar to sex workers. 

As a community, we are already banned from PayPal, VenMo, bank accounts from certain banks, Square, Mailchimp, and more. We are barred from expressing our full humanity as sex workers (as in: we cannot talk about or share images from our livelihood or sex lives) on Facebook, Instagram, and many, many more.

This is a soft version (a continuation, even) of Comstock laws in the 19th century.

Patreon is still a usable platform for many sex workers - but it's on its way to becoming yet another wasteland, barren of sexual expression or permitted sexual labor. Please act now:

If you're a patron or just a concerned citizen, please sign the letter.

If you're a Patreon creator, please sign the letter and share the link as a post on your patreon.

Thank you.