Dear WCL Community
For over twenty-one years and 1135 broadcasts, we've brought you radio variety shows each Saturday morning. We thank you for listening, attending, supporting, being friends, being moved, learning, laughing, and finding life better in hearing what our guests bring to the world.

Now, for the first time ever, we're humbly asking for your help. Due to recent climate changes in the radio world, we are making the big leap to fan-based independent support and wish to enlist you as patrons of West Coast Live.

We've launched this funding site where you can choose a monthly sponsorship of our cultural outlet. Some of the rewards may surprise you! In addition to our ticket revenue, this will be what keeps us going, and the show must go on! Our gratitude is immense. You can also make a one-time pledge through the Donate button at

We now share a common cause for West Coast Live. Will the show go on? It's up to all of us!


Sedge & the WCL Crew

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Pledge $10 or more per month
5 patrons
Would-Love-To-Be-There-Every-Week but will be happy listening and offering my support.
Pledge $25 or more per month
2 patrons
Would-Love-To-Be-There-Every-Week to buy a ticket from Cassie and watch the production, but will be happy listening and knowing I'm keeping this show thriving. You'll receive a personal thank you letter from Sedge.
Pledge $80 or more per month
0 of 150 patrons
You'll receive a pair of preferred seating tickets to any show, listed thanks in the West Coast Live program, plus 2 invitations to Annual West Coast Live Party to meet the crew and fellow listeners and enjoy good food and music.
Pledge $150 or more per month
0 of 52 patrons
Pair of preferred seating tickets to 10 shows per year, recognition on the West Coast Live website & program, 2 invitations to the Annual WCL Party, and a coffee or tea with Sedge.
Pledge $950 or more per month
0 of 52 patrons
This is a single occurrence gift - a ONE-OFF PAYMENT, NOT MONTHLY.  (We can guide you through that process as this website doesn't specifically handle one-time gifts.)  
Sedge will dedicate one of his weekly shows in honor or memory of someone or something, or will express your gratitude to someone or something. E-mail Sedge about what you'd like to convey and he'll work with you on what to say.
Pledge $1,994 or more per month
0 of 4 patrons
1994: the year West Coast Live began.
This reward might be suitable for an enterprise, a website you run, or a group, which wants to make itself known to our well-educated and well-connected listeners. 
The reward includes two :20 messages, per show, as long as the gift continues, which will be announced by Sedge or a colleague around Audience True Stories or similar placement in the show, if appropriate. You and three friends will come to the WCL party. 
This reward includes special recognition on, and in our printed show program as well as in the WCL weekly e-mailings.  We'll also hold 4 front-rowl seats at theatre shows for you AND, perhaps best of all, you will get to have a lunch with Sedge.
Pledge $5,000 or more per month
0 of 4 patrons
Bring West Coast Live to your living room or backyard IN-PERSON!  This is a ONE-OFF treat - not a monthly payment.
This reward includes an intimate West Coast Live production in your home, dedicated to you and recorded before your friends and family for that truly memorable occasion.
Pledge $18,000 or more per month
0 of 2 patrons
On-air acknowledgement at the start of each program ("..... Presents Sedge Thomson's WCL"), and during Audience True Stories, with acknowledgement and link on each page and two :20 messages of your choice, per show (subject to WCL and NPR standards). Plus the remote production, from your home or business.
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