Death & Afterlife Summit January 14-17, 2016
For this 4-day FREE online event we've brought together 12 of the world’s leading practitioners and researchers in the areas of consciousness, spirituality, death and the afterlife, and asked them to share their knowledge with you. Each of these speakers, who will also be featured at the upcoming Afterlife Awareness Conference, will tell their personal stories and offer tips for finding meaning, healing and growth in life and in death.

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The Summit will feature 12 speakers including:

-Gary Malkin, composer of Graceful Passages

-Bishop John Shelby Spong, There is No Hell

-Thomas John, Celebrity Psychic Medium

-Dr. Sue Morter, Dissolving the Veil

and more ...

This event is totally online and TOTALLY FREE! Replays of each speaker will be available if you can't attend the live broadcasts!