Death as a Beginning
Thanks to my lovely Patrons, I have finished a new microgame! The Death of the Gilded Age is an art nouveau fiction game. The frame: the players attend the last great party of the age, thrown by a mysterious and complicated Host. During play, you use playing cards to guide the course of the party, ending up with the discovery of what happens to your Host and what memories of the Age he leaves behind. This game is casual and meant to be played while enjoying food, drinks and each others company. It will be produced as a 12"x18" playmat/poster, as well as a print-and-play PDF. It only requires a deck of standard cards and the playmat to play. My Patrons have already received links to the PDF, and the print poster is getting proofed. Once I have the poster ready to go (probably after new years), the game will be added to the ndp microgame library and available for general purchase. Thanks again to my Patrons, and if you're interested in this kind of thing, please consider backing my creative work as well. Thanks!
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