Death Bust for Sale
This is something very different from me.

Or rather back to something I used to do before I started Mechtorians.

A sculpted bust of the Angel or Death, inspired by the wonderful character created by Spectral Motion for the Hellboy II movie.

I generally dont make works based on other people's characters. This was done as a practice for myself, using Monster Clay for the first time. I kept one copy for my own collection and these other 4 to cover costs and as a bit of fun for the monster lovers at Creaturegeddon.
I have 3 available.
They are 10" tall and each hand painted by myself.

I wont be making any more of these.

A. Fully painted.
B. Bronze verderis.
C. White Marble with red base.

They are £200 each.

For more photos and to purchase go to my online store.