Death Tarot Card
i finally finished up my Death tarot card for the Girls Drawin Girls (GDG) group's Tarot Card deck that they recently ran a kickstarter for. the kickstarter actually just ended very successfully funded. i won't have any decks for sale personally, at cons or online, but GDG should have them on hand at conventions once they're made and mailed out to backers. if they have any online, i'll be sure to post about it on one of my social media platforms (probably IG). 

i think i lucked out and got a really cool card assignment for this. i rarely get to do any dark themes for art since i tend to stick to cute and happy subject matters. so i channeled my inner Guillermo del Toro and tried to get as spooky as i am capable of. i also made sure i looked at skull references to make sure my skulls don't end up looking like cute candies or something. haha! 

i used white roses throughout the illustration because the Death card reference i looked up (one of the many that's online) has Death with a white rose on a black flag. i think it has something to do with life. 

my awesome Patrons got to see some work in progress shots. and i'll probably give them the high-res file to download sometime next month since i won't really have the cards available for purchase. (out of the 78 cards in the deck, i'm only doing this one.)

just a little background info (if u feel like reading a bit more) - the Death card is supposed to be not as horrible as it seems. it's not always about a person dying, but more like the death of something old to give way to something new. but in the card that i referenced, it had Death on a horse standing over dead kings and queens - to symbolize that no one's safe from Death, be they noble or common. so i translated that into the skulls in the front. and i did away with the horse but the white rose she's holding is supposed to lighten up the dark theme.