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Death & Taxes. Mostly Taxes.
Yep, that's the name of my 12th album.   "Death & Taxes. Mostly Taxes".  And here it is,  pretty damn near completion...

This past week has been really nutty.  I have been recording for the past nine days non-stop.  I am pretty exhausted.  But I am also pretty happy with this album.  This is the last version you'll receive until the album is ready to be released.   These versions have completely new, master vocal tracks.   I rented about $5,000 worth of gear over the past 10 days.  So, if these tracks don't sound amazing, it's entirely the fault of the performer, not the gear. 

I have asked my cousin, Lyn Sweet, who did the artwork for The Pleasure Of Being Sad and Here Be Dragons, to do the artwork for Death & Taxes. Mostly Taxes.  I haven't yet heard back, but, if she agrees, my hope is to finish up the mixing and mastering over the next couple weeks, and then put together a college radio campaign that I will manage myself.  It's gonna be a...ahem, excuse my French...a fuckton of work.  But, I can't afford to hire a company, and I think this album certainly has CMJ charting potential.  Actually, Get Set Go has never had an album that didn't chart on the CMJ top 200, so there's a pretty good chance this one will too.  But I'd like to crack the top 20.  Not sure if I'll ever do so, but here's another time where my optimistic heart trumps my pragmatic head.  For the moment.

Anyway, give it a spin.  I hope you love it.  I hope you love it as much as I love you.  You know, for all of your continued support.  

Be well.  Love you.