Death's Door
 Every person that has passed, has seen death's door as their sight of last. They've looked upon it's mysterious fram, heard other voices call upon their name. Hesitantly reaching for the door knobs of crossing over, noticing the eyes all around that hover.

Now open the door, look inside, the vast darknessmakes you strain your eyes. you take a step, arms in front they disappear of course, the door behind you loudly slams, as if by blunt force. you walk forward, step by step, almost fall and break your neck. Just watch yourself, and you won't trip.

Before you see the darkness, or the ominous door, the one responsible comes to you, just once and no more. His face black, dark as can be, believe me his face you'll never see. He whispers in your ear, touches you gently, he's telling you "run away with me" run into the night, it's ok, don't be of fright. you ask "what is all this for?" he replies "You've arrived at Death's Door"