Debating Getting Rid of the $25 Tier

Hey gang - I've been thinking about this for awhile, now, but it seems like it might be good to do away with the $25 tier. I wouldn't necessarily get rid of the video tutorials, and would still do 2 tutorials a month, minimum. 

Here's my thinking: 

1. There are many times I'd like to do related tutorials, video and text, but feel bad for those that are not in the $25 tier since they'd get only 1/2 of the story. 

2. I would love to do longer series, but spreading them out over only the text or only the video makes them take too long. 

3. If doing a series, some things would work better as text, some as video. But for video stuff it's possible that a few 5-10 minute videos would get the point across better, and would take about the same amount of time for me to produce as one of the longer videos. But I'm currently limiting myself and feel that a 5-minute video isn't worth what you're paying so won't do it. 

With all of these things in mind, I want to check in with you all and see your thoughts on the subject. Is this something that you see helpful? Would it be better/worse than what you're currently getting? Would you tell others about it? 

If you're not currently a patron, would this encourage you to become one? 

Yes! Remove the tier!

Works best like it currently is.

I've got another idea... (leave it in the comments)

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