Debating my ratchetness

So, I did three things of interest today, and not much else:

  • I worked on Voyeurs Seasons 2 for almost seven hours, mainly plotting out the season and the first episode. I also messed around with the cover (I’m taking a shot at doing it myself this time); once I’m happy with the way it looks, I’ll post it for you guys to see.
  • While I was doing all this, I had an animated argument with Anne over whether I’m ratchet or not. I say I am, she says I’m not. It was actually a humorously detailed argument. We damn near busted out spreadsheets. I’ll call it a draw, but I still think I’m right. 😅
  • I finished reading Crystal Castles Daddy Blames Me, and it has to be the first of her books that actually irritates the hell out of me. The title and plot made no sense to me, and definitely didn’t go together. It would be like me naming a book Gangbanging My Sister and then writing a book about two gay men in a whirlwind relationship. I hate when the title, description, and plot of a novel seem just randomly thrown together. I loved her other books! 😳

So, there you go. My day in a nutshell. Well, most of it: I have some secret things going on that you won’t find out about until the near future, so we’ll just shelf those things for now and not talk about them.

Until tomorrow, my loves…