Debunking myths around marriage equality
In addition to the things I included in our private patron update for the last month+, I also thought you might like to know we've also been active around issues to do with marriage equality. As a good number of my patrons are from Australia, you would know that it's a big issue there at the moment, with the government deciding to spent (i.e. waste) $122 million on a national "plebiscite" or "survey" of the country's views on same-sex marriage. Australia is sadly behind the times on this, with many other countries around the world legalising marriage equality, or on track to do so. Just today, Chile's Preseident signed a bill to go to parliament enabling marriage equality, and this follows on from other developments around the globe such as Germany's introduction of legislation legalising same-sex marriage in June.

We've been working with Australian NGOs to help debunk myths around the human rights aspects of marriage equality, and on social media to combat some of the prejudices that have arisen in the current debate. We have our fingers crossed that Australia will soon move in the direction of full and equal rights for all.

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