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The Debunking Website of the Person Who Lives in a Green House in Narbeth
It's all a hoax, it's lies and fairytales
The photos are all faked, as you can tell
If you look close at shadows, and as well
Depopulation never struck across all Wales.

I live in Narbeth, and my house is green!
The only one there is, because I know
They're lying to us dupes, and all they show
Is faked up nonsense -- there's no fairy queen.

Come on, wise up, it never happened, hey?
I know they tell you bad things will befall
But I'm still here, to prove the truth I say.

There was no magic horse, no year-long ball,
No empty land, no mice, no secret way --
They never went to fairyland at all!

So the background to this is the Mabinogion story of Manawydan the son of Llyr, in which the heroes sit on a hill in Narbeth and everyone else in Wales disappears to fairyland, and (I'm leaving things out) the four of them have various adventures getting them back, which all concludes with an agreement that the fairies will never do it again as long as people don't paint their houses green -- and by and large, in West Wales, people don't. But I was in Narbeth today, and there's this one green house, and I was wondering about who lived there, and I realised it must be a fairy denialist.