Dec 2015 - Keyword Sketch - Scorched Mage
This month's most inspiring keyword prompt was "Scorched Mage" from Bronwen!  She'll be on her way to you in the mail very soon, though things may be slowed down by the post office holiday chaos.

Don't forget that if you're currently pledging $5 and above, you're eligible to put in a prompt for my monthly sketch too!  I usually only have 3 participants out of the eligible 7 Patrons. C'mon guys!  Don't be afraid to challenge me!

Your next chance to participate will be around the 1st of the month where I'll private message you within Patreon individually.  You'll need to respond here within Patreon's site with your 2 keyword prompt.

Hope you all enjoy the holidays!  See you soon on the last Wednesday of the month for my studio hangout to wrap up the year!