I plan on finishing December's worklist, since the payments have been processed so far (payout is held till end of month tho). Right now I have a few things done, and I will do my utmost to have them done ASAP & sent out so if you want to bail, you'll still be sure to get your rewards.

What I've read about Patreon's stance on "smaller pledges" is beyond shocking, but I am relying on second hand info (but from ppl I trust not to pot stir). I'll give it a week, but I may not be using Patreon next year. I am 100% behind anyone withdrawing from Patreon in protest of their fees, and I ask that if you do support me still - try to be considerate insofar that other artists are hurting right now too. It's not far that potential support/support for them might have to be dropped because of these fees. I prefer a world were many could have funding, rather than a few...

I am looking at a few options, such as a monthly donation service, a kickstarter to finish the Moving Day chapter, and Matt is working on something payment processing related.

I have a lot of feelings about what's going on but my best bet is to stay focused on getting the work done, then planning what can happen next. Please try to stay in contact with me if you can - like following me on twitter or furaffinity or the website, because I'll most likely be asking for feedback/news posts there.

Thank you all so much, and please know I side with your frustration on the fees issue.