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December 2013
This is our first monthly Patreon post! Thank you all so much for donating! If you missed any of them, here are the podcasts from the last month: -Pete Etchells, on how his father made him hate neurons. -While studying bioengineering, Craig Lehocky discovers he's different from the other students. -A wrong number to a friend in Sri Lanka leads Saswato Das to the final interview with a famous science fiction writer. -Jim O'Grady's attempts to woo his housemate are stymied by the monkey she's training to help quadriplegics. -At age 7, Deborah Blum starts a mystery when she interrupts her parent's dinner party. So their guest, famed biologist E.O. Wilson, investigates. Right now we're starting to put together our events for this coming winter and spring. Stay tuned for those, and thanks again!
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