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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Jaynestown Mudders
$1 or more per month
These here supporters show their allegiance monthly with what they can, and it's appreciated kindly.

Access to livestream events on Discord
Our sincerest thank you kindly's
Shindig Dancers
$5 or more per month
All the kind folk that hold wit and wallet fine enough to reach this level will receive thanks and thoughts from a member of the cast in email form.

Access to exclusive livestream events
Access to bonus audio should it be released
Access to early episode releases when available
Serenity Valley Veterans
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The first brave souls at this level are our Veterans. Browncoats through and through.
They will, for as long as their patronage continues unbroken, be given access to all non-reaver reward tiers as a thank-you-kindly for being our first supporters.

Access to bonus audio
Access to exclusive livestream events
A hangout with the crew to AMA
 future non-reaver rewards
$50 or more per month

Browncoats at this level are the cream of the crop, the bees knees, the ones crazy enough to stare out at the edge of the black and come back whole!

Access to all the other rewards AND
The opportunity to play in bonus episodes (and sometimes main story episodes!) that will be released in the podcast feed, and more that we work out between us, AND ROB FOLLOWS YOU ON TWITTER!
Ok that last bit isn't great but hey, he doesn't follow many!

$150 or more per month
This is for businesses or podcasts who would like to sponsor our show.
Sponsorship includes running prerecorded promo's (by you or us) for your show or business.
You could also just have us talk about your cat for a few minutes, it's your money.
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