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$1 or more per month 6 patrons
Thank you for your support! You will receive our monthly newsletter, the Punchbag, with tons of behind-the-scenes information from Big Punch Towers. You’ll also receive a free MP3 download of all our podcasts, including the exclusive Punchcast, only available to our Patrons and subscribers.
The 7STRING Club
$2 or more per month 1 patron
Support 7STRING and receive exclusive sketches and artwork from the world of the comic every month - plus everything from the SUPPORTER tier!
The Afterlife Inc. Club
$2 or more per month 4 patrons
Support Afterlife Inc. and receive digital downloads of the infamous Lost Issue (31 pages) and the Guide to the Afterlife (11 pages). Additionally, enjoy monthly articles, writing notes and behind-the-scenes content - plus everything from the SUPPORTER tier! 
The Cat & Meringue Club
$2 or more per month 20 patrons
Support Cat and Meringue and receive limited edition pin badges and original art, as well as receiving everything from the Supporter tier!
The Extraversal Club
$2 or more per month 0 patrons
Support Extraversal and receive a PDF download of each issue - that's 46 pages every three months! Plus work-in-progress and sketches, and everything from the SUPPORTER tier!
The Ultimate Club
$5 or more per month 21 patrons
Receive all rewards from all other clubs except the Cat and Meringue club - as well as a print copy of Extraversal, delivered straight to your door, every three months! That's 184 pages of full-colour, real world, awesome comic action a year. Thank you!
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