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This tier wins you my everlasting praise and also 
  • Access to a feed of patron-only content (behind the scenes of projects and videos)
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Let's make it official on social media.
  • Will follow you on social media
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Handwritten notes and postcards from yours truely! 
  • I believe in communities online. Hopefully these notes willl serve to build a relationship with those who value what I do!
Producer Credit
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$10 a month earns you a producer credit at the end of my videos! 
  • Right before my endscreen you'll get a shoutout
  • Send me your social media (@maryakemon) and I'll include that as well!
  • Includes the above rewards 
Brainstorm with me!
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Help me with my projects! I always need another person to bounce ideas off of. 
  • One Skype session a season (4 /year).
  • Send me skype info on twitter (@maryakemon)

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