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$1 or more per month 18 patrons
Thank you for pledging a small amount each month to assist with the endless search of the world's best underground progressive house, trance and electronic music. It's awesome that you love the monthly podcast so much and are showing your support with $1 per month. 

All our Patreon subscribers will now be receiving a premium edition of the podcast, with a cool blue artwork and an extended 90-minute set from Jimbo. That's 2.5 hours of progressive house goodness in your ears each month. How awesome is that!

Monthly podcast fan!
$2 or more per month 27 patrons
Our Patreon friends pledging $2 or more a month will be hearing 100% of Jimbo's forthcoming music as it's being created, via the Jimbostream: an exclusive, private SoundCloud with previews of all the Jaytech music in the works. This includes forthcoming album tracks, club hits and more eclectic music of different styles. 

We love hearing feedback from fans as the music takes shape, so come and hear what we've got cooking in the Jaytech Labs!

Music lover!
$5 or more per month 52 of 100 patrons
By pledging $5 per month, you will be among the very few, very lucky people that receive a FREE Jaytech track every month, on Positronic Promo.

We'll even send you details about Jaytech hang-outs throughout the year and offer you the opportunity to meet up before gigs when Jaytech is in town. Now finish the pledge and get back to your music :)
$10 or more per month 19 of 50 patrons
As well as all the free monthly mixes, track previews and free downloads, Jimbo will Skype you once a year for an exclusive hang-out. This could be on your birthday, when you're hanging out with friends, or when you're in the studio. Whatever you choose, it’s up to you! Just send a message through Patreon to set up a time. 
$20 or more per month 7 of 20 patrons
This one is for the producers! Once a month we will post one complete Ableton project of a Jaytech track per month for subscribers of this tier. This will include classic tracks from the past, album tracks, interesting side-projects, and remixes. The purpose of this will be to provide producers a slice of Jaytech history and a monthly insight into how these tracks are built.

All projects will have additional commentary, and audio will be flattened down so no additional plug-ins are required. Feel free to send us requests! Producer buddies are also invited anytime to send their tracks-in-progress for production advice. 

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