December/2015 Wrap-Up, and the Future
Hi everyone! A little belated, but here's what I was able to do with your support in December:
  • Finished the World Wide Wrestling: International Incident Beta PDF, including printing+mailing the physical 32-page booklet to $5+ backers. 
  • Wrote and commissioned art for New Years Fray, the standalone pro wrestling game I offered as part of Epimas 2015.
  • 3 Episodes of the Design Games podcast with Will Hindmarch, as well as one Backer Special episode (technically released in Jan, but I'm counting it for December!)

For a month that also saw me traveling for a week and celebrating Christmas and New Years, thats a lot of solid work to finish out 2015!

I don't want to spend too much time going over how much of a transitional year 2015 was for me as a full-time working independent designer, publisher and artist. But looking back, I was able to accomplish a whole lot this year, and I cannot express to you how critical the financial and emotional support of this Patreon campaign has been to that (and in many ways, the emotional part more than the financial part has been especially key).

That said: I am optimistic for the year to come. I have 3 big publishing projects planned for the year; at least one smaller project that will re-approach something I'm very proud of from last year; and of course Will and I will continue the Design Games podcast until we run out of things to talk about. 

I don't mean to be cryptic! As my patrons, you will all hear about each of these things first and have the first opportunity to give me feedback on them! It's more that, as I take a breath before diving into the new year, it's not so much about the specific plans than the fact that I can afford to make a whole year of plans.

That's amazing, and a lot of it is thanks to YOU. 

Let's get to it.