December 2017 - Slay Ride
This is going to be a big post, so make sure you're comfortable!

First, revised versions of our first three encounters have been posted on DM's Guild! To quickly recap our plan, Patreon supported content shows up here first, then we're doing a reformat, adding some artwork, and correcting any typos or other issues that got through our first round of editing. After that, we post the content to the DM's Guild as pay what you want. Our goal is to get more eyes on the content we're making, and hopefully help more Dungeon Masters spend less time prepping and more time playing! The more supporters we get, the more content we can release every month!

You can find the updated versions of encounters one, two, and three here: 

We've already had a few new patrons sign up since posting those, so if you're one of them, welcome! Thank you for your support, I hope you enjoy this month's encounters.

Speaking of encounters, our first one this month is holiday themed! It features everyone's favorite evil santa, Krampus.

Jason Strutz has done an awesome job, as usual, with another dynamic illustration. Krampus is a two-phase, highly thematic encounter with a powerful boss monster. Krampus has many abilities that open up plot hooks for you to use, such as the ability to cast gate twice per year (once to invade the material plane and once to return home), a power that compels nearby characters to surrender whatever they are currently carrying into Krampus' bag of holding, and a passive ability that causes any creatures reduced to 0 hit points by Krampus to be petrified in ice, perfect for transportation back to wherever this monster hails from!

The map for this encounter is simple, to put it mildly, because Krampus is such a complex creature, so there's just one version of the map that's safe for players to see.

Last but certainly not least, 2CGaming has a Discord server! I've setup Patreon/Discord integration (I think), so if you link your Discord account to Patreon you should automatically receive an invite to our server, and a unique "Patron" role to show that you're one of our supporters! You can find me, Jon Kelly, and Ryan Servis on the Discord regularly, and it's a great place to chat about these encounters, our other projects, or even find a group to play D&D with!

Phew, still with me? That was a lot. Here's what else you can expect from us during December:

 - A second encounter for Patrons only, posted December 15th (or close to it, holidays have a way of making things late!)

 - A poll for the kind of future content you'd like to see. As we head into the new year, I'd like to check in with you again and see how the 2CGazette can best meet your needs.

And that's it! Happy holidays, stay warm, and play some games while you're stuck indoors!

Steven Gordon - 2CGaming Team

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