December 2017: rewards
The main theme on Patreon for this month is RAVEN from GRAVITY RUSH!

I've already done the photoset in casual and Christmas versions, this means that my supporters will have access to:
- photoset preview (early access 1 month or more)
- photoset selfie
- fansign - a photo of mw with your name on a piece of paper (I already took 2 for pre-existing patrons)
- unique polaroids

Always about Raven (costume of 1st videogame):
- access to all previous WIP and fitting test
- access to new WIP and fitting test


Last month I started to upload the "Warm winter" (no cosplay) photoset and I still have to upload all the pics, so you will have access also to the new ones!
Seems you're really interested in this kind of photos :3

Then the "classic" rewards:
- Giveaway
- Signed prints
- Gift box
- Skype chat
- Telegram & Facebook group
- Know my next projects before anyone else
- Wallpaper

Raven -  Andrea David
Warm Winter - Irish Gerry