December 2018 - Social Construct
Yes, the title is a pun. This encounter has two forms. 

For 5th level or lower characters, it's a puzzle. The party must translate the ancient language of a powerful golem so they can command it and either spare their hometown or wield it as a weapon against an otherwise unstoppable threat. There's a normal version of the puzzle and a harder variant, so if your players love ciphers and language puzzles, we've got you covered!

For 11th level parties, this is a straight-up boss fight. The prime golem has a series of combat routines it can use, following them for a few rounds before switching modes. It's not the most complicated boss monster we've released, but it's more involved than a typical legendary creature. 

The encounter is attached, and there's player and DM versions of the map even though the only difference is the golem's starting location. Enjoy!

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