December Newsletter
December Newsletter

Hi, everyone! It's that time again! Monthly news and accountability! This month, it's a whole new format aimed at being more informative in general! Let me know what you think of the new format and/or whether there are any topics you'd like to see included. I want to head into 2019 with the new format all tweaked and ready to go, so your thoughts are super-appreciated.

Some December-specific notes: Because it IS now December and we're ramping up to the end of the year, I've got more sporadic posts than I usually do to wrap the year up. Like the newsletters and weekly round-ups, I'm revamping how I tackle these completely, so I expect to take some time to sort that out. Point in case: We were gifted a paper 2019 calendar and I promptly assigned it "Keep my posting schedule sorted out" duty. And wow do I want to make changes.

That means December is going to be quite busy with regular posts. I aim to watch 4 episodes of Lost Song every Monday evening and a whopping 8 of Regal Academy every Wednesday. That way I can wrap up this year's livereacts before the Christmas holidays arrive. On top of that, the Thief Let's Play will continue in its Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday slots until it concludes and then... Either we'll have more clarity on Article 13 and how the EU proposes to undo its ridiculously stringent copyright laws that basically do unspeakable things to creativity in the EU and I... won't be able to do more LPs - which is a shame, I enjoy sharing how horrible I am at games - or I need to drastically revamp the schedule to make it work better. (I'm thinking 1.5-2 hour recordings on Saturday as that lets me keep the speed of going through the game.)

And beyond that... Well, I'm still working on that. Just as December is "Let's reflect on the past year" month, January is "Let's look forward to this year" month and you can look forward to some January-specific posts. The new posting schedule won't properly start until around February or mid-March, depending on whether you want to count the start as being when the Let's Play concludes or earlier.

I'll chat more about the plans for 2019 when it's nearer the end of the month, though. These are mainly the ones that affect posting in December specifically.

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Alas, that life remains much the same. I got news on the essay on aces in fiction that I sold! As I'm writing this there is, sadly, a good chance it won't appear until 2019. Which is sad and disappointing, but everyone working on it is committed to making it the best essay it can be, so I promise it will be worth the wait.

Although if between now and then so much happens that the conclusions are now fundamentally skewed (not happening unless we get dropped into a version of earth where asexuality was known and celebrated since medieval times without noticing), I will be over the moon.

Beyond that life continues apace. The big BIG thing that happened is that I've finally officially set up shop as a freelance editor and sensitivity reader. :O (This is terrifying. The only thing I genuinely like about freelancing is the flexibility, but the hunt for office hours that pay me enough to, idk, live continues. Well, and the work itself. I love the work itself.)

Featured Post

Lynn reacts to... She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 1 episodes 1-3 

I'm super-excited, though. This is setting itself up to be everything I want in a story. I adore Adora, Bow and Glimmer and I love Catra. 

Completed Projects

  • NaNoWriMo:  50,138 words! WHOOT!
  • Rewrite RibbonDancer into a finished novella (that needs polish)

December Goals

  • Get ready for 2019
  • Livereact to Lost Song
  • Livereact to Regal Academy

I Want to Read:

  • 2 books

I Want to Write

  • At least 1 chapter of DemiPrincess per week and keep the momentum going

Look! December goals. I don't really have anything much to say about them. It's December. December is always the month in which everything wraps up, so that's my main focus. Wrap up the things I've promised to do in this year and keep up the momentum I had going with some other things. And that's it! 

November Goals

 I Want to Read:

  • Hahahahahahahaha. It's November.

I Want to Write:

  • Survive NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo has been survived! With a day to spare and then I promptly keeled over and did nothing but sleep all day on the last day. Surprisingly, I even managed to read 9 books! Also surprisingly that's not actually the worst reading month I've had this year. (That's last month where I read only 7. I mean, on average, I've still read 10 books per month, which was my goal, but still. I was one book short this month.)

I... find myself without a lot to say, though. Boohiss. To be fair that's because I've said most of it throughout the month already. (Also I'm still really tired. I'm tired of being tired.)

Writing Updates

Last Month's Fiction Wordcount:  50,138 

(Okay, so it's actually more like 46,000-something with the rest being nonfiction words and this update is off to a fantastic start numberswise, but I wrote 50,000-odd words and most of them were fiction. I'm calling it a win!

DemiPrincess2: Progress! We're about... a fourth of the way through, I think? Maybe? But progress was made and the story is coming together. Predictably by not following the outline that went with it. Fun!

Star: This is a short story! It will actually be short! Granted, it will probably still be too long to submit anywhere, but hey! It'll be another short in my portfolio.

Stand-out Positive Moment

Seeing my friends do well on all their respective NaNoWriMo goals. November hasn't been easy on any of us it seems, so it was just so wonderful to see my friends celebrate their accomplishments in spite of a month from hell.

And of course I'm also superproud of the fact that I succeeded myself. I fail more often than not whenever I try, for a variety of reasons, but it feels nice to succeed again.

How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?