December Announcement
Hello Patrons!

I hope all is well. What have I been up to? CATERMEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a pretty exciting announcement NOT ONLY because Catermeow is awesome, but because this project is the first I am working on as a collaborative project with a group -- and I am leading the effort & composing most of the art! Yay me. Right? eh? I dunno. Maybe.

Who is the Team?

The team is composed of others from the local Birmingham Gamdev group I have been meeting up with once a month for a while now. We really aren't that organized and this project is our attempt at figuring that out. We voted on several aspects about the game and I made a design document, a plan and now we are tracking our work on Trello. We have 5 members trying to participate. In a lot of ways, this project is a fun test to see who participates and how and to hopefully help and learn from one another.

What is the game?

We want a peaceful & fun 2D platformer game with a story. The art is a hand-drawn style reminiscent of crayons and color pencils. Right now, we are focusing on one level of the game to make sure that our goal is achievable. If it goes well, we may add more levels. We are drawing a lot of inspiration from the classic Kirby games.

When will it be ready?

Not sure. Even though it is a small project, there are a lot of pieces to it. I will let you know as things develop. Right now it barely resembles a game, but it will start taking shape soon.


Thank you so much for supporting my efforts making games. There is a monthly cost for running a private code project & I am still paying for Unity Plus, which gives me some extra wizard power. The money you pledge here helps cover those costs. 

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