December Newsletter!

November was a busy month for us at The Snapcast!  From the constant streaming to Alex winning a PPTQ and getting another ticket to an RPTQ.  To Jerry brewing some Standard Dredge and the beginning of the Standard Showdowns!  

November began with Jerry and Alex losing his mind and attempting not to Riot following the win by the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.   It was so great we actually felt this effect on our first episode of the month.  The following week saw a great reunion of the core 4 from The Snapcast as we celebrated 52 Episodes and welcomed Bobby back to the show.  We wrapped up the month a week early due to us all wanting to gain 10 pounds on that lucious food coma enducing turkey.  

Big changes out of November that we saw were:

- The release of Commander 2016

- Peregrin Drake finally getting banned from Pauper (really opened up the format with that banning)

- The rise of G/B Delerium and U/W Flash as the kings of Standard

- Frontier broke out as the lead format in Japan

- WotC changed Standard back to a 2 year rotation from the recently enacted 18 month rotation

November Contest winners:

Episode 52 giveaway:

Ethan W.: Eldritch Moon Fatpack

Brandon E.: Kaladesh Bundle

Robert L.: FTV: Lore

Austin A.: Oath of the Gatewatch Fatpack

Brad T.: Battle for Zendikar Fatpack giveaway (not sponsored by

Justin R.:  Foil Gisela, the Broken Blade and 1 non-foil Gisela, the Broken Blade

Congrats to all winners and thanks to every for participation!  Stay tuned as we have more giveaways coming up!  

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