December check in and hello new patrons!
Hey everyone! And welcome to the new folks on board. 

That photo is of some beautiful coral fungus. I literally haven't gone on a hike since I got back from the PCT until just the other day. Post-trail depression is real! And so is that dreaded Northwest Seasonal Affective Disorder!

I've been in a bit of a mental struggle lately, but I feel like I am starting to get a grasp on things. Instead of staying silent beyond tarot reports and not updating in general, I decided it's best to ramble on about what's going on.

I have been giving serious thought to this space and rearranging rewards here and adding in some new stuff. I want to give y'all better and more quality stuff.

Each month I will be updating on how I am incorporating herbs into my daily life and diet. This will be available to everyone $1+. So, here soon I'll be working on my standby recipe for chicken bone broth/soup with some medicinal mushrooms and roots to help nourish during this time. It'll be going up hopefully in the next week or so. I want to make these accessible and simple for folks. That is what herbal medicine is about. Once they're posted here, they'll eventually land on my blog, Archaic Honey. So y'all get first access.

I will be updating my trail blog soon as well.

That is so fucking important! And I have been severely slacking there. A lot of my writing time goes into doing tarot readings right now. I am going to try and find a balance there.

And, and... I am currently trying my damnedest to figure out a way to get products made and shipped from my location. My internet here is truly spotty (sometimes it takes multiple attempts to get a post like this up!). So I am trying to figure out a means for production and shipping space. Scheming is happening. I definitely want to give access to some of the things I make here to you all. That's been a big interest of mine. 

Full super moon tomorrow! Enjoy it and be gentle to yourselves.