December Character Design Poll - Fairy Tales!
It's that time again, folks - time to throw down some votes! The poll is a lot simpler this time, because illness kinda threw a spanner in the works - I was planning a two-stage poll this time, but maybe I can put a pin in that idea and we'll do it later.

Since I'm in the mood for it, the theme this time is fairy tales. The plan is to design one character - more characters if there is time - for a fairy tale you choose, and you have some say in HOW that interpretation is made. The final, polished result will be posted publically, but all the progress-sketches, iterations and behind-the-scenes work will go up here on Patreon for you.

To make this poll a bit easier, here are some relevant links re: the fairy tales on offer in the poll:
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
Little Red Riding Hood
One Thousand and One Nights
Snow Queen
Snow White and Rose Red
Vasilissa the Beautiful

Thank you for your vote!