December Full Release: Alpha v0.2
There's not much to say about this release, really. It's been a long time coming, after all. Here's the changelog:

Reading through it, you'll notice a few things. Most of the CGs are tied to character stories to give them closure, with the main story heading into our new area with a semi-definitive ending.

There are a few things left to be done, but they'll be packaged in smaller update later, as opposed to a full release. For now, however, I hope you enjoy this update, there's a few moments in there that are pretty potent for me. 

At the end of this journey, we're heading towards a new one - Gobbosoft has a lot of things lined up, including Pizza Thot. I'd like to head towards making other, smaller concurrent releases for art, games, etc. We'll see!

As always, have a good one, and I hope you enjoy this update.

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