So as I mentioned before I wanted to do some wintery themed freebies this month- I don't want to be too blatantly Christmas, especially as I don't celebrate it (my brother's birthday is 24th December and we have  Los Tres Reyes Magos instead.

I want to start this month's pattern early (I keep starting earlier and earlier and never finishing on time!) but I want this month's to be out on the dot! 

I'd like this one to be a little reindeer and I'm thinking of making it a little bit more delicate than a chibi? And you could probably modify it for a unicorn or a little pony too. 

I'll also release a pattern and how-to for a capelet that you can trim and make look wintery, and add little bells and stuff on too- that one will probably be for all patreons as it'll be more of a tutorial XD

I'll also be giving away a free soft charm again! If you're on the soft charm tier, you'll get a second free, but all patrons present and accounted for on 1st December will be able to choose a soft charm as a gift and a thank you! :)

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