December plans!
Okay, by now I think everyone knows I am trying to get Skiagraphia finished this year. That may mean one more chapter but MOST likely two, because everything I do gets way too long and it'll likely get split. That doesn't include the epilogue (and that'll probably go up next year since it's epilogue. The main story is wrapped up in the last chapter(s)). So I might try and just get them both finished and posted this month, and then do commentaries and stuff afterwards, because I really want this story finished! First priority. 

There's also a deleted scene from the last Skiagraphia chapter to go up AND a PDF and other stuff left over from last month. Also the reader-participation NaNo story will be going on in the background for a while, because I do plan to finish it, but I really didn't get as much of it done as I planned and now it's not my main focus. Probably no chapter of it this month, but next month for sure. Well, next YEAR. Next year I'll be able to focus on some other stories that have been put aside, like the rewrites of (renamed) Pretty Shade of Grey. Skiagraphia has just been going on since 2009 and it's seriously time to get it finished.

So tl;dr: this month, 1 but most likely 2 chapters of Skiagraphia going up before anything else, and then all the bonus content, and then the left over bonus content from last month.