December Prompt Poll:
I put out a ton of fanfic in November, including the beginnings of TWO new multichapter fics! Ten stories in one month during the busiest part of the semester didn't leave me time to write one special for Patreon, and December I already have:
  • Korrasami Secret Santa (with TheWillowTree3)
  • SOMETHING for Korrasamiversary on the 19th
  • Round  4 of the positivity campaign, now in progress 
  • Prep work for another secret community project

With all that going on, will I skip another month of writing a story just for you guys? NO WAY! A lot of the prompts you'd been voting on before got used in Korrasami Month, so here's a new set. Have fun! Voting ends on December 9.

(Note on the last two options: I will write new chapters of these anyway, but I'll write an EXTRA new one if you guys vote for it.)

Asami gets glasses, and isn't happy with it


Korra asks Katara about love, while recuperating




A new chapter for Wedding March


A new chapter for Little Soldier Boy

Poll ended Dec 10, 2017
5 votes total