December Patreonsketch: Recap 2016
I’m almost done the November Patreon Sketches, just one to go! I’m finishing up the last one as we speak, I will start to upload them tomorrow, ideally 2 or 3 a day. 

It's time for the last patreonsketch of 2016! Above are the 11 previous examples from earlier this year, which we'll be choosing from for this month's sketch.

 I picked some of my favorites, though there were far too many to choose from, and while I didn't get every patreon here (There were about 30 different people from the past year at the sketch level) I picked a few that were indicative of each month's style/theme.

For this month, $25 tier patron backers can choose any one of these styles or themes for their sketch. Most of these are fairly straightforward, simply pick a style and tell me! A few of them however; the potions, the mansion, and the quests are a bit more involved:

+ The Potions: will use the same system as before, the affixes and the random generators.

+The Mansion: There are four unclaimed rooms! (Flexible on this)

+The Quest: There are 5 remaining results! (Flexible on this)

December Experimental Sketch: Promo

Theme: Recap!