December Release Preview

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Thanks again to all our Patrons, old and new, for another amazing month! We truly couldn't have done it without your support, and really appreciate all your comments, prints, paints, and chats on social media and Discord! If you're not already on Discord, come join us in the Cobrachat. We have the best, friendliest patrons, and also stellar 3d printing support from Atlas 3DSS, the people who do our pre-supports! Instructions here: 

October and November were a little hectic with us packing, cleaning, and moving. I also just finished upgrading our little EPAX X1-DJ to an X1K, so now we'll be able to do our test prints even faster. Phew. 

This month is pretty exciting, because we have 8 minis this time! No promises on keeping that kind of volume every month, but Erin's been experimenting with making variations on similar models with less adjustments per model, as you can see with the 5-person Hanzaki Crew. At least, they were supposed to be less adjustments per model... As you can see, he can't help but go all-out 😅 

We also have some fun bases with beach themed decorations that you can mix and match with your other bases. I suggest digital kitbashing, although the seashells could also be printed individually and glued to bases as well. 

This month's Throwback Mini is Unegen, the Ariche Tracker from the July Release (I mistakenly put May before). When we reach 400 Patrons, we'll be adding a second Throwback Mini every month, so the top 2 picks from the monthly poll will get added to the downloads next month! Make sure you write in your suggestions each month, so they can get added to next month's poll :)

I've been working on the CobraCompendium and putting in all the lore and info that we have so far, as well as fleshing out some of the parts that we haven't fully explored yet. It's going to be a continuous WIP, and things might change over time, but I hope to have a slightly more complete version before releasing the link to that. 

On to this month's lore!

Axenus, Noctuoidea Rogue - The Noctuoidea are famously insular, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want intel on the outside world. Enter Axenus, a young woman with a particular set of sneaky skills. Sent as a spy, Axenus has lately been in Jebel Irhoud “acquiring” information and artifacts that the Vicars of Divalia might find useful or valuable. Who could blame her for gathering a few things for herself on the way? Because Noctuoidea are almost never seen outside of the Twilight Forest, Axenus only operates under the cover of darkness - which suits her just fine.

Giant Pack Snail - If you don’t need to get anywhere in a hurry, Giant Pack Snails are your best mode of transportation. No matter what obstacles are in your way, a Pack Snail can get over or around it eventually. Indigenous to the forested region adjoining the Kutugha Steppe, Pack Snails are usually purchased from a reputable breeder, who raises and trains the snails for this purpose. Bred for size and companionship, Pack Snails are much larger, stronger, and friendlier than their wild counterparts. Special care must be taken that they do not get too dry or encounter salt, as it can seriously hurt or even kill them.

Hanzaki Ashigaru - This team of 5 Ashigaru are usually farmers and peasants, but every Hanzaki is trained with a basic polearm weapon. When called into action, any one of them can fight for their village! Individually, they are not as impressive a fighting-specialist, but as a group they can be quite daunting. Their names are Takeda, Furuta, Matsuda, Murata, and Fujita. (Matsuda, Murata, and Fujita are ladies, in case you couldn't tell 😁)


In the forests and lowlands of Qian Sheng Shan live the Tengu, of which there are two distinct types. Daitengu are larger, more powerful, and closely resemble humans, while Karasu Tengu are smaller and more crow-like. Only Daitengu wear the traditional long-nosed masks that the Tengu are known for. They are also known for their excellent blacksmithing skills, and they do a fair bit of trade with the nearby Xueren. They harvest a special Iron Sand for their highest quality blades, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Jyakubo, Daitengu Swordsman - Like most Tengu, Jyakubo is a trickster that can seem a bit silly, even comical. An infamous drunkard (he’s never seen without his wine-gourd), most wouldn’t see him as a real threat. Despite this, when he gets serious, he’s a force to be reckoned with! Surprisingly skilled and wielding the characteristic wavy, forked blade of the Tengu, his Drunken Sword Style is full of tricky feints and illusions.

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