December Rewards: Limericks!
(Are you pledging $2/video or more and want to get in on next month's rewards? Wait for me to post a thread here to take your requests!) A good crop of limericks this month: Michael Tardibuono: Cheese I’ve been eating a bit too much cheese - All the cheddars and muensters and bries Have, through the years, Emerged from my ears And it’s messy whenever I sneeze. (Holy crap that was disgusting, I’m sorry) Jason Musgrave: Sloth There once was a godly young sloth Who solemnly offered his troth To study the verse, To become the first Bradypodidae of the cloth. David Bright: Donuts We’re finally producing robots For use in the home, though what’s The point of a machine That can run or can clean, But can’t cook up edible donuts? (Thanks for making that plural, David, you jerk) Tom Jaworowski: Ten I wanted to get much more Zen So I bought a rock garden, but then I realized I’d master Buddhism much faster If I owned one more garden, or ten. Adam Lee: Angel “Hark! I’m the Lord’s chosen angel,” said the being who looked rather strange. “You’ll forgive me,” I said, “But your hideous head Resembles a lion with mange, ew!” (Angels are hideous. Look it up.)
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