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December Song
Thank you all so much for helping me to create this fun and uplifting music.  I know that the holidays can be really fun and joyful sometimes, and they can also be hard for other reasons.  So I hope to keep you all uplifted.

As I mentioned last night, this song was written by my friend Peter Hollens who just put out a Christmas album last month.  He's a now pretty huge deal on YouTube and a big innovator and promoter of a cappella music.  Even was signed to Sony Music for a minute.   His original arrangement is more pop-classical based, so I wanted to try the challenge of taking his vision and translating it into my style, which is a more dance and rhythmic feel with some gospel and soulful harmonies.  I think there is something beautiful to both styles, but I'm definitely curious to hear what you all think!  Any thoughts???

It was a challenge, and it was fun too!  Coincidentally, Peter is hosting a cover competition for this song on YouTube, and the winning arrangement and video will win a collaboration with him!  So I think it's a pretty awesome opportunity!  And regardless of what the decision is for a winner, this has been a fun one.

Anyway, just keeping you all informed!  More to come soon!  I am going to start putting out a new music video on YouTube every two weeks, whether its a cover, or an original song!  Don't worry... the ALBUM is still on it's way, and in fact, we are about to close up production on the last song this week.  :)

Just a mini update! AND some cool background about this guy who actually inspired me to get started on my musical career in more ways than one.  I am so grateful.  I really wouldn't be here doing this now if it weren't for him.  It was an honor.

Much love to you guys!


PS.  As usual, the song will available soon on iTunes, Spotify & more!


Performance by: Jameson Tabor

Production, Arrangement & Mix by: Jameson Tabor

Master by: LANDR


Directed & Filmed by: Jenna Tabor

Color & Edit by: Jameson Tabor

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Debut Album "PURSUIT" available Winter 2017.

© 2016 JamTab Music

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"DECEMBER SONG" is by: Peter Hollens and Anna Gilbert, from Peter Hollens' Christmas album, A Hollens Family Christmas.

Special Thanks to: Jenna Tabor, Julie Semperboni, Marjie Knudsen, David Knudsen, Jake Knudsen, Nathan Alef, Jim Tabor & Katrina Tabor!