December Team Improvement Raffle Winner!
Congratulations to the winner of this Month's Team Improvement! We will be doing all Team Improvement sessions for the Month of January this week! The video recordings will be posted as soon as they are edited! I will be live streaming some of the Team Improvements on Twitch.Tv/ShreddedPuzzle if you would like to stop by and watch them! They will be edited and archived here, so don't worry if you are not able to!
Tier Benefits
$5 or more per month 230 patrons
THE WEEKLY RAFFLE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED (Raffles violated Patreon's Terms and so unfortunately there will be no more) You will have access to every Team Improvement and Account Review session that I have recorded - all on one page! You will be invited to a LINE Chat with myself and other Patrons!

Please send me a message on LINE with your Patreon account name so I can add you to our chat! (My LINE ID is ShreddedPuzzle)

$100 or more per month 22 patrons
You can request a Team Improvement, every month! I will re-arrange the runes on your account to optimize the performance of one of your teams. Results will be best if you have 3 million Mana or a FRR Ticket on your Account! I can do your first team improvement the day after you join this Tier! I will also give you advice on what dungeons you should farm the most and the improvements you can make to your other teams using these newly runed up monsters! (Video recording of this session will be posted to Patreon for all Patrons to watch!)

Please send me a message on Patreon or LINE with your HIVE log-in details (secondary password if you have one), server and any specific areas you would like me to focus on! (My LINE ID is ShreddedPuzzle)    

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