December's Charitable Donation - AWARE
Hello Everyone,

When I started my Patreon page back in May I committed to donating everything I receive in December to a non-profit orginization.  This year I've decided to focus on the Aware Wildlife Center .  

AWARE's Mission:  "To rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wildlife and educate the community about habitat preservation and peaceful coexistence. AWARE is one of the few centers in Georgia that rehabilitates all wildlife species."

I have first hand knowledge of the good work they do.  Last winter we found an injured baby squirrel in the Park where I work. His mama didn't come back for him, so we scooped him up and two of our engineers dropped him off at the center on their way home.  (They accept all injured wildlife at no cost to whomever brings them in.)  Our little guy appeared to have some neuro damage from a fall and couldn't lift his head very well.   Periodically, I would email the center to see how he was doing and one of their vets would always email me back right away with an update.  After nursing and care from the wildlife center he regained his strength, was able to lift his head steady, eat well, and was introduced to a new squirrel family.  In early April they were all released back into the wild.  

The center receives no government funding and relies solely on individual donations.  Knowing what they do to help our fellow travellers on this earth and make the world a better place for all who live in it - I'm happy to give our first donation to them.  :)

Thank you for that, dear Patrons!  You're the best.  

I'll make the donation on January 1st in case any other folks join my Patreon this month and add to the donation amount.  This is a public post - feel free to share!

Love, Lisa

Aware Wildlife Center