December's Patreon is finished!
Hello Patrons! I just finished up December's patreon painting!
And I've just queued up the rest of the process posts and the final.
Expect the final to be posted on December 24th.

I'm off to Vancouver for the next two weeks, so I won't have my usual studio/imac/photoshop setting. But I have alot planned for the new year, and I'm constantly thinking of how I can make this patreon better for you all. I will probably restructure some of the rewards so that they're more valuable for you all....and less stressful for me ;0
I'm also thinking of ways that I can make every month part of a bigger more cohesive project! Because of crazy time constraints this month, I could only do a smaller portrait. But I felt really good about November's patreon and being able to do somewhat larger work.
Ideally I will be doing one piece a month closer to November's Mami Wata piece. And then a public Monthly Melanin Portrait (eg Storm, Leslie Jones, etc). Maybe i'll be able to even build up to even more than that! :]

If any of you have any suggestions or feedback or more things you'd like to see, please let me know! In the meantime I'll be doing some soul searching and Vancouver LDR timeeeee.

Thanks to everyone!
And hope you enjoy December's painting.