A deceptively simple system to cut out my BS
Hello me Patrons! 

a few hours after I created my first goals video for you I also went on creating a new tool to keep myself accountable. 

And somehow, in the last six days, I've had a surprising high number of conversations about productivity, time passing, goals and 2018 that involved me mentioning my new analog tool. 

As the people I talked to were interested in trying it as well, I thought I should share it with you too. 

This deceptively simple system answers a general struggle we all have to feel in control of our time

Pain point: I have clear goals but time evades me. I need more time but I can't have more time because I'm just like anybody else and *apparently* that means I have 24h/day punto. That sucks.

If-not-this-then-what: If I can't have more time, the next best solution is for me to use my time wisely or at least in a way that I appreciate.  But to use it wisely maybe I should first become aware of how I distribute my time.

Owning My Patterns: Between the 1st and the 31st of a month a hundred events that will pop up that were not on my initial Goals list. Life is unpredictable after all.

Up until now I've never taken the time to check how I really behave and how  responsible I am for sliding away from my path. 

Up until now I've felt guilty for not doing enough. Feeling guilty is incredibly disempowering and as I'm turning wiser (35 on Friday!) I've decided that I want to kick this feeling out of my daily routine.  

Since March 1st I've started tracking my pattern. How? By using a double spread page in my notebook that I've divided in 3 columns: Yes - No - Ask. 

- In the "Yes" column I put all the things people have asked me to do and I've said yes to. 

- In the "No" column I put all the things I've said no to.

- In the "Ask" column I put all the things I've asked others to do with or for me. 

Why: yes, no and asking others are the three big things that rhythm our life. None of them is either good or bad, it all depends what you put inside those columns.  If you say "yes" to working 80h for a shitty pay on an uninteresting job with unlikeable sapiens, here might be a reason why you lack life force. 

After a week: after only  a week I've noticed that because these three columns exist, I ponder my actions. I've said "no" to only one thing, but it's a BIG thing that would have eaten up a lot of money and time from me. Writing it down felt extremely liberating. 

This morning I got a job offer. I asked for some time to think, I looked at my columns, I looked at my goals, I looked at my income situation and said "yes" but with a clear vision of why I'm doing it. And suddenly, this "yes" becomes a hell-yes!

And then, the "ask" column. If you haven't read Amanda Palmer The Art of Asking, read it. I actually plan on reading it again in the near future. Asking is an art, it's challenging, it's growth-inducing. This is my favorite column. One I added a day later when I realised life can't be just about me reacting to things. If I am the leader of my life, I need to be pro-active. Filling up this column has been a source of pure joy for me, something I am surprised to discover and happy to share :)

So here we go. My very fresh system to keep an eye on how I either help  or sabotage myself to follow my path and grow. If you're intrigued and want to try it yourself, please do so and let me know how you feel about it, even if you end up thinking "it's crap!" I'm curious.

Do you have a system? I would love to know about it! I don't think I'll end up using the Yes-No-Ask column for years. Right now that's what I need, in a few months maybe it will be something else, and maybe it will be something you created to support your own journey now. So share around :) 

Thank you for reading, thank you for caring, thank you for supporting. 



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