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Decline of Putin's Russia
BAKU - For many, Vladimir Putin is a strong decisive leader. An example to be emulated. Sometimes he seems nearly untouchable. Yet, strong leaders leave behind big shoes to fill. Currently, no one in Russia is qualified to replace Putin. In fact, the President himself may no longer be up to the challenge.

Russian politics is often compared to a dogfight under a carpet. An outsider only hears the growling and when only one dog comes from beneath it’s obvious who won. At the moment, that’s exactly what’s happening in Russia. There is no mention of this in the mainstream media, but for the past few years, the elites have been in a rigorous power play. With the low energy prices and Western sanctions, resources are shrinking. The oligarchs and regional officials are fighting for scraps of power. Putin may be a brilliant politician but the Russia he has created is the new Sick Man of Europe.