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Decolonize Everything | Seeing the Water
This week's video is arriving at the end of the week because it ended up being a much bigger project than anticipated. I had to skill-up in my video editing, do a lot of research, and visit some locations. I try to spend about 10ish hours on a video just so I can also do my other 3 jobs and be a dad and a husband, but I probably spent about 40 hours on this one. Whoops.

I've had a concept for this series for a long time. I want to kind of point out how colonialism infects just about everything. I thought looking at the physical environment of my city, it's history and the names of it's places was a good opening example. I have a bunch of ideas for the rest of this series. The geekiest: Decolonize D&D. So that's something you have to look forward to.

You guys are the best. Thank you for supporting my work.