Decolonize Your Ancestry 10-Day Challenge

UPDATE (June 2020): Decolonize Your Ancestry will be available as a course sometime in the near future (date to be determined). For now, you can read through the table of contents below to see what was covered in the 10-day challenge when it was hosted inside this community in April 2018.

I'll update this post with a better intro, but for now, take a peek at the outline. Become an Chief Specialist or above to gain access to the archive of this challenge designed to help you reclaim your humanity.

Finding the Roots

Finessing the Branches

Reflecting on the Work

How to Access This Challenge

UPDATE: As noted above, the Decolonize Your Ancestry 10-day challenge is being retooled and will be offered at some time in the future to patrons. Date to be determined.

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