Decoration Update and new Site in construction
Well some of you already noticed that the Links aren't working properly. The Forge Site where stuff originally was has undergone some changes and now I let OvermindDL1 host my Site instead of Forge.

The new Site is:

And yes, not everything is setup properly yet, because the switching was rather abrupt, that's why I attached at least the Mod File to this Post.

But now to the better stuff. The new Changelog.

I added the Canvas, which is a Cover that can be obscurated with the IC2 Obscurator, but you can also use a Printer to apply Textures to it, so it doesnt rely on IC2 Stuff.

Also you can use Half-Transparent Textures for it too as you can see on the wall in the background. The Canvas will then display its Background Color (one of the 16 vanilla colors) at the transparent spaces, if you attach it to a nonfull Block Face. You can troll people with Cobweb Canvases or Fake Ladder Covers. ;D

I also added a Scanner and a Printer to the Game.

The Scanner can scan Blocks (for usage with Canvases), Books, Canvases and Maps to a USB Stick. The USB Stick can then be used to move the Data to a Printer, which can print Canvases, Maps and Paper (making the good old Printed Pages Item).

The Printer uses small amounts of Chemical Dye (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to print whatever you want to print.

But now to the Bookshelves. As you can see on the left, there are Bookshelves filled with lots of different mostly Book alike things. They can store a lot of Books already, but definitely not all of them (I still need to add lots of compat to other Mods Books/Records/Scrolls etc, but I already got everything from the Mods on myTest Setup). For more Details just look at the Changelog ;)

But do not dump Bibliocraft for them! Bibliocraft has lots of useful Stuff that goes far above Bookshelves! The Signs, the Clipboards, large Books and a lot of Decorative things!

As always, thank you all for your amazing support. ^^