Why does Kirb get all the robot fun?
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Dolla Dolla Billz
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Patreon access to a monthly sketch diary of otherwise unpublished drawings, sneak peeks at WIPs, large-format discontinued prints, advanced AA stock notices, and the heartfelt thanks from the bottom of my heart.
LP2: Electric Boogaloo
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For the cool kids who'd like to slide some cash dolla my way for The Witch's Puppets to become made before 2020... maybe.  (And future RPGM adventures, of course)

Access to more in-depth updates, some RMXP "tricks" I use, etc.  Also you can be credited in the game if you so desire.

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The sketch edition!  Providing a small colorful sketch of your choosing per month!
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Play a very convoluted drawing roulette with me choosing how I'll draw at random.  I don't. know.
Nice 'n' Crisp
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A more... uh... polished version of the experimental tier.
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