Deedle the Very Special Boy
Deedle was only a couple of weeks old, but his mother could tell he was destined for greatness. He was a very special boy.


At this point in Inktober, I realized spending 3+ hours after my full day at the lab making pen-and-ink drawings was going to be unsustainable if I wanted to achieve anything else that month. So, I started experimenting with a brush ink pen--a Faber Castell one I found in an old art supply bag. I did a few others before this one, but they're a little more simplistic--maybe I will share them as a group rather than each individually!

I'd always struggled with brush pens prior to this, because I used them somewhat ham-handedly and then got annoyed when they started fraying. For the Inktobirds I did with brush pen, I made an active effort to only use the pen at "safe" angles and turn my page around a lot more. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I didn't hate it.

I had the phrase "special boy" pinging around in my head and this is what happened. Baby bluebird!

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